Hi, my name is
Full-time designer/sometimes illustrator/occasional filmmaker based in LA. Always creating something.
Just a few things that have shaped the way I view the world: the Calvin and Hobbes strip, my grandfather’s calligraphy (more on that here), the Do Ho Suh: Almost Home exhibit, 2010’s YouTube, Taylor Swift's Speak Now album, Everything Everywhere All at Once

With my journalism and art background, I'm drawn to impactful storytelling, regardless of the medium. I love working with creative teams that are collaborative and encouraging of experimentation. 

I'm currently a Designer at Variety. Previously, I completed a year-long design residency with National Geographic. I graduated from Northwestern University in 2021. (View my resume)

In everyday life, you'll probably find me:
• Scouring the internet for any and all theories about Severance on Apple TV+
• Cooking home-style Chinese food
• Vintage shopping at local flea markets
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