Out of Step (March 2023 issue)
(Writer: Cal Flyn; Photographer: Andy Parkinson; Photo Editor: Alexa Keefe; Design: Sandi Owatverot-Nuzzo, Nicole Thompson, Alisa Gao; Opener/Text opener design: Alisa Gao)
*This opener design was a finalist in the Society of Publication Designers 59th Annual Competition
Spider Sense (March 2023 issue)
This is another feature story I helped design for the March 2023 issue of National Geographic magazine. Here, we explored the fascinating biodiversity of spiders across the globe through these intimate images.
(Writer: Jason Bittel; Photographer: Javier Aznar; Photo Editor: Julie Hau; Design: Sandi Owatverot-Nuzzo, Alisa Gao)
Ramping Up Tradition (January 2023)
(Writer: Paula Ramón; Photographer: Luisa Dörr; Photo Editor: Mallory Benedict; Design: Alisa Gao)
Art Direction
(Illustration: Sophy Hollington)
(Illustration: David Plunkert)
Misc pages
During my time at National Geographic, I designed mainly front-of-book/short form stories. In addition to designing, I also assisted in content brainstorming and curating each month's lineup.  
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