Out of Step (March 2023 issue)
This is a feature story I helped design for the March 2023 issue of National Geographic magazine. The story is about Scottish mountain hares, whose coat colors have evolved to change according to the seasons. Now, in a warming planet, the evolved traits of these hares are increasingly out of sync with the changes in environment.
(Writer: Cal Flyn; Photographer: Andy Parkinson; Photo Editor: Alexa Keefe; Design: Sandi Owatverot-Nuzzo, Nicole Thompson, Alisa Gao; Opener/Text opener design: Alisa Gao)
Spider Sense (March 2023 issue)
This is another feature story I helped design for the March 2023 issue of National Geographic magazine. Here, we explored the fascinating biodiversity of spiders across the globe through these intimate images.
(Writer: Jason Bittel; Photographer: Javier Aznar; Photo Editor: Julie Hau; Design: Sandi Owatverot-Nuzzo, Alisa Gao)
Ramping Up Tradition (January 2023 issue)
This is a feature I designed for the January 2023 issue of National Geographic magazine. In this piece, Bolivian all-female skateboarding troupe ImillaSkate reclaims a traditional garment with a complex history as a way of celebrating their heritage. 
(Writer: Paula Ramón; Photographer: Luisa Dörr; Photo Editor: Mallory Benedict; Design: Alisa Gao)
Patriarchy is Not Destiny (April 2023 issue)
I art directed National Geographic's monthly "Big Idea" essay for April 2023. In this essay, journalist Angela Saini draws from her latest book, The Patriarchs: How Men Came to Rule, and discusses why patriarchy shouldn't be seen as a default. Since the excerpt references historical examples and early societies, I wanted to commission an artist whose work had a mythological/historical quality.
(Illustration: Sophy Hollington)
Live Longer by Living Younger (October 2022 issue)
I art directed the opening essay for the October 2022 issue of the magazine. This essay, from a book by Dr. Mike Roizen, discusses the ways that our lifestyle choices can influence our gene expression and boost longevity. We aimed for a clever, optimistic depiction of this topic in the final artwork. 
(Illustration: David Plunkert)
Misc pages
During my time at National Geographic, I designed mainly front-of-book/short form stories. In addition to designing, I also assisted in content brainstorming and curating each month's lineup.  
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