Hi! I'm Alisa (she/her). Recent Northwestern grad, lifelong creative thinker.​​​​​​​
When I was 11, monthly InStyle magazines would show up at my doorstep, addressed to a previous home owner who apparently forgot to cancel her subscription. Being an avid reader, I went through every issue over the next few years, soaking in everything from collages of sneaker photos to the bold typography on Taylor Swift’s cover story.
Aside from accumulating an absurd amount of knowledge on high fashion news (ask me about questionable 2010s runway trends!), I also began taking an interest in graphic design and the creative process behind building print magazine pages.
Now, visual communication is a huge part of my life. Whether it be experimenting with lettering on the pages of a print mag or crafting digital brand identities, I love devising creative solutions that enhance a story or brand message.

More things you can ask me about:
Criminal Minds or sci-fi space travel movies
Art Deco furniture
Tiktok recipes (specifically ramen hacks)
My extremely rare Chinese last name: 杲 (I’ll Venmo you a dollar if you’ve heard of it)

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