Hi! I'm Alisa (she/her). I'm a designer, artist, and journalist.
Just a few things that have shaped the way I view the world: Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes, my grandfather’s calligraphy (more on that here), the Do Ho Suh: Almost Home exhibit, InStyle magazine, early 2010’s YouTube, Taylor Swift's Speak Now album, Everything Everywhere All at Once

Regardless of the medium, I’ve always loved good (and humorous) storytelling and its ability to create impact. This led me to study journalism, art, and marketing at Northwestern University, where I graduated from in 2021. 
I know every journalist or marketer says this, but I love the process of crafting narratives and connecting with the people involved in them. However, with art being such a big part of my life, I find myself drawn to the creative/visual side of media. I especially love working with teams that are collaborative, innovative, and encouraging of my often questionable design experimentations.
Currently, I'm a Design Resident at National Geographic, where I collaborate across teams to build seamless, engaging digital and print stories.

Outside of work, I’ve been enjoying:
• Going on hikes at local trails
• Seeing Nicole Kidman’s AMC ad every time I go watch a movie
• Making boba pearls from scratch

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