Hi, I’m Alisa! I'm a creative strategist and artist who is passionate about impactful storytelling.
I’m a rising senior at Northwestern University majoring in journalism with a certificate in Integrated Marketing Communications and a minor in art.
Having grown up an only child in suburban Maryland, I'm influenced by the Calvin and Hobbes comics on my childhood bookshelf, my grandfather's Chinese calligraphy scrolls and the iconic Smithsonian art galleries in DC. Although I learned to express myself through writing and art early on, I realized as I got older that I wanted to apply these skills to new industries and roles.
Currently, my goal is simply to tell and amplify stories that resonate with people, whether that be through devising social media campaigns, reporting about local businesses, or designing engaging magazine spreads. 

I am a:
• Current advertising & promotions design intern at Simon & Schuster
• Former managing editor at the Northwestern Business Review
• Former design intern at Bethesda Magazine and Chicago Agent Magazine
• Former creative director for Spoon University's print magazine
• Former marketing intern at Live Nation Entertainment
• Freelance artist and designer

When not working, you'll find me:
• Making big pots of soup/stew
• Taking long walks along Lake Michigan while scaring myself with true crime podcasts
• Attempting to work on an animated film passion project

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