If you would like more samples, contact me at alisagao2022@u.northwestern.edu.
As a journalism student, I have accumulated experience writing everything from Q&As to lifestyle and business stories. During spring 2021, I served as Managing Editor of the Northwestern Business Review, where I gained a much deeper interest in business/entrepreneurship reporting specifically.
Making Light of Staying at Home
2021, North By Northwestern
Helium Consulting Coaches: "Lifts you to your dreams"
2020, Northwestern Business Review
Local Asian Restaurants Struggle Amidst Pandemic
2020, JOUR 301 Final
Back to the Drawing Board
2020, JOUR 321 Personal Essay
Made in Chicago Market Showcases Local Artisans
2020, Northwestern Business Review
New Kellogg Center Seeks to Discover the Science of Science Itself
2019, North By Northwestern
From Print to Podcasts: Medill Alum Lillian Cunningham's Career Journey
2019, Northwestern Business Review
UNITY Charity Fashion Show 2019: Empowering Creativity
2019, Northwestern Business Review
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