Drawing has been a hobby of mine since I was six years old. I took art classes briefly in middle and high school, which helped me practice the basics of classical drawing and painting.
Whether it be in the margins of a math notebook or on a canvas, I’ve tried out many different styles and mediums over the years. I’ve recently been enjoying digital art, especially with Procreate and Adobe Illustrator. With digital art, I’m able to play around a lot more with color, dimension, stroke, and worry less about technical constraints.
In college, I’ve taken classes involving sculpture and painting as protest. Through various projects, I’ve been able to experiment with new mediums and materials to convey meaning.
Here are some of my favorite pieces:
Digital art
Chinese American Childhood (2020 - present)
After years of taking my cultural background as a given, I decided to start exploring the idea of growing up through extremely detailed drawings (which I normally don't venture into). I personally have found that my style of drawing is normally very straightforward, which translates in these pieces.
The piece on the left, "Moon Kingdom," is the first of this new series. Growing up, I never had a formal Chinese history or literature education, so the stories I did hear were passed on to me by my parents casually in the car or before bed. I wanted to capture the sense of veiled mystery associated with hearing only bits and pieces of folklore, and the magical whimsy in stories such as the legend of Chang'e.
The piece on the right, "Ivies," is simple: it refers to the culture of worship surrounding high academic achievement that I grew up around.
Landscape/architecture (2017-2020)
I occasionally experiment with portrait drawing, mostly from pictures of friends and family. At home, we have boxes of photos dating back to the 70's, showing my grandparents and relatives in their younger years. I like taking these images and reimagining them as illustrated portraits.
ART 390: painting/images as protest (2020)
This collection of images is one idea that I came up with for a collage project. As someone who is interested in marketing, I find myself thinking about/grappling with how advertising often masks the realities of harmful industries such as fast fashion.
Postcards: personal project (2018-2019)
As a personal goal, I create a postcard-inspired design for every new city I visit. This little exercise lets me experiment with hand-lettering in different styles as well as color correcting photos.
(I've actually never been to Venice. The photo is an edited screenshot I took from Google Street View.)
Cartoons (2017-2018)
As graphics editor of my high school newspaper, I dabbled in cartooning for a bit. These pieces were made at the beginning of my touchscreen drawing journey, when I was still using my index finger to draw during monthly layout sessions after school.
Traditional fine art
ART 230: Intro to drawing (2019)
In this drawing exercise, we were instructed to stretch and twist latex gloves into three distinct, interesting shapes. I used pencil, sketch & wash pencil, and charcoal to complete the three drawings.
Misc. drawing and painting work (2013-2018)
ART 240: Intro to sculpture (2018)
A ladder, in the most general sense of the word, is a structure that connects one point to another. A site-specific ladder only fits in a particular designated space. For this project, I tried to make my ladder structure go from one point to another, but not in the traditional way.
I used an electric scroll saw to make the parts for multiple small plywood ladders, and used hot glue to attach the pieces. When placed together in formation on the stairs, the forward tumbling effect is created.
Just for fun
I spent a few months of quarantine back home in Maryland. Many of these doodles are scenes of suburbia that I liked when I was driving around my neighborhood.
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