Corporate Marketing & Promotion (June 2021-present)
For the past month, I have been working under the advertising and promotions department of Simon & Schuster, one of the largest and most influential publishing houses in the country. As a designer in the department, I am tasked with creating ads, social media posts, and other print promotional material for book launch campaigns for renowned authors.
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Social Media Marketing Plan (Spring 2021)
During spring quarter 2021, I took a Digital Social, and Mobile Marketing course. Over the course of nine weeks, I worked with seven other team members on a quarter-long project to create a cohesive marketing plan for Graylog, a log management software company based in Houston. My group specifically focused on Graylog's presence in the manufacturing sector.
After weeks of meeting with Graylog's CMO, my group and I conducted industry analyses and competitive assessments, honed in on Graylog's target market, and devised strategies for greater social media engagement on platforms like Twitter and Facebook.
Case Study (Spring 2021)
I worked with two other students in my Message Strategy and Persuasive Communications class to deliver a creative brief for the sparkling water brand La Croix. After we finalized the brief, I hand illustrated a storyboard for our proposed 15-second spot.
Case Study (Winter 2021)
For my Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy course, I worked with a team to create a solution for Chase Sapphire to better differentiate between their credit card options.
Case Study (Fall 2020)
For my Consumer Insights course, I worked on a 10-minute presentation analyzing the brand messaging of Apple through Damien Chazelle's viral vertical cinema ad.
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