Northwestern University Admissions Office (2020)
Typically, the Northwestern Admissions Office sends a foldable poster in the mail (along with the usual other new student materials) to incoming freshman every year. However, in 2020, they wanted to welcome the class of 2024 with a poster designed by an undergraduate peer. The office reached out to me to illustrate a poster that was reflective of my Northwestern experience.
Design goal
To create an inclusive, exciting design that captures the wide range of opportunities available on campus. Additionally, I felt that showcasing the less represented parts of campus life, like Multicultural Greek Life, was important.
The sketch
The process
Final product
N3 Magazine (of the Asian American Journalists Association)
N3 Magazine is the official magazine for the Asian American Journalists Association's annual Asia conference. During the summer of 2020, I was tasked with completing an illustration to accompany an article for the web issue. This story discussed how millennials consume news through social media.
The concept
The final product
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