Visual/infographic designer
October 2020 - December 2020

In 2020, the School of Communication at Northwestern launched the Center of Communication and Public Policy (CCPP). The CCPP promotes policy-relevant communication research for science/tech/environmental causes, democratic mobilization, and international relations, and seeks to inform the way people understand policy and misinformation. The lab currently works on projects funded by the National Science Foundation, Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity, and Facebook.
As the main graphic designer for the center, I am in charge of creating a visual brand from scratch. This is still an ongoing project, but my tasks so far include:
1. Creating logos and brand colors for the center: the team wanted two logos, one for more academic/website usage purposes, and one for social media platforms.
2. A newsletter format for future use.

The logos
After spending time on websites of other academic research labs, I decided that the mission of the center aligned with a more modern/sleek design and bold color palette. Starting with the standard Northwestern purple shade, I built a color palette of 4 colors that I felt adequately conveyed the importance of the center’s work.
The particular images that I enjoyed playing around with were the speech bubble and globe to symbolize policy and communication. I decided to work on this intersection idea, where the two would overlap like a Venn diagram.
For the social media logo, I wanted to incorporate all four colors so that the Center’s pages would be readily recognizable and eye-catching. I settled for a simple, rounded speech box for this design. Drafts are below:
After rounds of feedback, I finalized the colors, typefaces, and images.
Research areas
I created graphics for the four research areas: Inter-organizational Networks & Advocacy, Misinformation, networked Democracy, and Policy Discourse/Framing/Opinion.
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